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    Entries from September 1, 2010 - September 30, 2010

    Bangkok Klong (Canal) Tour

    A fun thing to do in Bangkok when friends visit is to take a long-tail boat tour of the Bangkok klongs (canals).

    Singapore September Week-End

    I am just back from a three day week-end in Singapore, a city I lived in during 1988.

    They have a knack for organizational ideas in Singapore . . . not all of them are winners across the genders.

    I came for the food and photography.  Here I am in front of the Hua Yu Wee seafood palace. It doesn't look like much . . . but . . . . . .

    . . . the chili crab was from heaven.  Devine!

    It was also Moon Cake Festival time in Singapore.

    Moon cake comes in all kinds of flavors, fillings, and types.

    Part of the fascination with moon cakes are the boxes they come in . . .  the boxes scream, "Special!"

    The boxes are often very beautiful.

    We brought along an extra suitcase along just so we could bring back the very best moon cake available in Singapore for family and friends back in Bangkok (where, my wife says, the moon cake is inferior).

    New Growth In The Garden

    It is nearing the end of the Wet Season here in Bangkok, so the garden is alive with new growth!

    Such shapes!

    An unfurling of redgreen.

    Memories of Fukuoka, Japan

    I am using a new method of processing my photos: first in Camera Raw, then to JPEG.  I like the better clarity and control of this method.

    A shop in Fukuoka, Japan.

    Ready for our meal at our hot springs inn.