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    Malaysian Formula One Race!

    I attended the Formula One race at the Sepang race track in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 3 & 4, 2010.

    Massa qualifying in the wet -- and on the brakes!

    Renault! Wet conditions during qualifying left several top teams out of the top positions due to bad tire selection.  It sure was fun for the fans!

    Rain was expected on Race Day, but it never materialized: the fast cars at the back had to fight their way through the field.

    I like the current state of F-1 rules: the cars are very interesting looking.

    There are several new teams in Formula One.  This is the Virgin Air Team.  Their goal was to just finish.

    The winner Vettel (near) and runner-up Webber.  A Red Bull 1 and 2!

    Michael Schumacher returned to F-1 after a three year "retirement" . .  and did well in the Braun/Mercedes.

    Even the Safety Car at an F-1 race is special.  This is the new gull-wing Mercedes-Benz!

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a very nice city to visit.

    Our [very good] view from the stands at the very good Sepang Circuit.  Ah, the sound of a Formula One V-8 race engine at 17,000 RPM! Enjoy!

    Sailing way!

    My daughter and her Beau have set sail on the maiden voyage (for them) of their new 57 foot scooner , Insurgente  - a trip from Providence, Rhode Island to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  What an adventure.

    In dry dock being completely re-fitted.

    The Insurgente at burth in Providence, RI.

    At sea off the East Coast of America. You can see more on my daughter's blog: 

    Her new home in Deleware . .  and a home for Kirsten and her Jason.

    Beautiful Thailand

    I am always surprised by the serendipitous encounters with beauty in rural Thailand.  Once in a while I have my camera with me, as I did one evening at the race track . . . and on the way home.

    30 miles north of Bangkok at the Bangkok Drag Avenue.

    2:30am along a Thai country road.  This is Klong Haa (canal number five) where a party has sprung up for what could be a variety of reasons: somebody is going off to be a monk, or an anniversary, or a good harvest, or Wat (Buddhist temple) is being dedicated. It is breathtaking to come upon one of these "in the middle of nowhere" in the middle of the night.  I got out, of course, and investigated.

    Lights have been strung, a stage has been hauled across the bridge and set up, entertainment hired from town, food organized, all the friends and neighbors have come and gone, and clean-up chores done . . . . and no desire to pull the plug just yet, even though it's been a long day.  It feels of picking up and packing out: It is a time to look at what wonders can be . . . in the middle of the night . . . . in the middle of nowhere. This is like the life of the mind.

    On The Beach

    I was down near Pattaya, a beach town south of Bangkok, to work on my race car this morning, and on the way back stopped at the sea shore and took these two photos.

    A rusty net spool.

    The perfect textures and fantastic colors of a decaying Thai fishing boat.

    Photos From Around The House:

    I just bought the new 27" iMac 3.25ghz computer and couldn't help but marvel at it's capabilities with photo processing. The Speed!  The SPEED!  I ran out with my Canon 40D and the wonderful Sigma 70mm macro lense for a few shots around the house. 

    The garden is alive!

    We think this little fellow walks around the house after we go to bed. Just look at that guilty expression on his face: he's been up to something!

    Many beautiful flowers in the garden all year.

    Tiny white flowers glow in the tropics of Thailand.

    African Violets grow in our garden on their own.

    Incredible large green leaves are iconic tropical images.

    'Just' ground cover.

    A garden scene -- traditional Koh Kred pottery jar.