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    My Beloved Bangkok Is In Trouble!

    Thursday morning, May 20, 2010, Bangkok, Thailand                                           This photo from The Nation, Bangkok.

    Bangkok, Thailand on the evening of May 19, 2010 after the Red Shirt "protesters" lit 35 buildings on fire.

    A Major Shopping Mall on fire.  The world seems very large when you are made to feel very small. A hard rain is gonna fall.

    I believe these are 7.50 X 15s.                                                               The previous three photos are from Boston.Com.

    In Case Your Call Did Not Get Through . . . 

    If you have tried to make a telephone call to my home phone in Bangkok and were unable to get through . . . . .

    I just want to let you know that we HAVE called a technician.

    A Few Things I Saw In Japan

    It was fun to walk around Japan in mid-April with a camera in my hand. The weather was alternately wet and dreary and then bright and cheery.  We went on several day trips out of Fukuoka into the mountains.  We never passed up an opportunity to visit a flower garden.  It was that time of year. Flowers were blooming. It was early Spring.  Cool Spring is such a novelty to somebody like me who lives in the damp, hot tropical city of Bangkok.

    In the mists of a Japanese Spring . . . and Time,

    The steady mist settled upon the pink petals,

    White and yellow flowers defying the wet with their unyielding cheer,

    An umbrella for a mosquito.

    A welcoming inn on a damp day.

    Saki house recommendations.

    What to take home?

    To travel, to look about, to see someone in an instant.  A life passes at 70kph before a shutter.  Click.

    Dried red puffs adorn a shop wall.

    Small town charm in Japan.

    Small, tasty, expensive specialty cakes can be found all over Japan.  Yum-yum!

    The Japanese love of nature is brought into the life of towns and cities in wonderful ways.

    Beautiful Japan

    Japan is a very beautiful country - especially in April! Many photos to follow . . . . when I have time.

    Wonderful flower farm near Mt. Aso.  The tulips were ready to burst.

    Out on the island flower garden . . . more natural beauty.

    As if yellow had never been seen before!

    A tiny, fleeting world.

    Serene early Japanese Spring.

    Soup cooked in paper over a live flame.


    Japanese aesthetics; always a scene.

    Kenji, go arrange the peppers.  Ok, I will.

    Secret rendezvous.

    Strange Gods!


    These strange idols can be seen all over the country and in the homes. (Uploaded from my iPhone)