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    My most current blog entry:

    Shop Work

    I spent the evening at the race shop getting ready for the re-opening of the drag strip tonight for test & tune runs. The drag strip looks good -- they have sand blasted the surface to get rid of the burnished glaze they accidentally created in their efforts to 'rubberize' it.  I watched them spray the VHT track goop on it. I hope it will be good. I did some clean-up around the shop and detailed the coil pack.  I realized that I haven't posted any photos of the 500rwhp+ 189 cubic inch "3JZ" Toyota turbocharged DOHC straight six engine in my race car, so here it is.  Go to the Harper Racing Photo Bank (above) for more motor photos.


    Photos & Content Posted!

    I had a little time on this rainy Saturday in Bangkok to upload some photos, though without comment at this  time. Check out the TRAVEL PHOTO BLOG link above.  I hope you enjoy these photos, whoever you are.  I have travelled a lot in my life.  I am currently living in the 47th house since my birth . . . . but I have lived in this house longer than any other.

    I have added an essay in the THAILAND PHOTO BLOG section I wrote as the forward to the book of photography by Paul Ubl, A Walk In The Market.

    The rear end in my race car is busted and the rain will keep me off the track this evening.

    Been too busy to do much.

    My mother's illness, and recent death has kept me traveling to the States and back several times . . . and left me playing catch up at the office . . .  and so no time for this blog . . .  more coming soon.

    Hello World!

    This is my first entry . . . thanks to my artist daughter, Kirsten, who lives in Philadelphia, for the set-up. lay-out, colors, and general artistry of this site. It's interesting how she can help me out from Philadelphia when I am living in Bangkok, Thailand.


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