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    Winter Vacation 2016-2017: The High Sierras, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Richmond, Baltimore, and Pennsylvania.  Whew!

    Swall Meadows, Eastern Sierras, California.


    Out along US Highway 395, Eastern Sierras, California.


    June Lake, Eastern Sierras, California.


    Approaching June Lake, California.


    Hot Creek Geological Area, off US Highway 395 near Swall Meadows.


    The Buttermilks, outside Bishop, California.


    Incredible Mono Lake, California.


    Hot Springs Ice, Mono Lake, California. December 2016.


    Manzanar WWII Japanese Internment Camp, California.


    On December 19, 1944, the Supreme Court issued one of its most horrific decisions in US history, green lighting the internment of Japanese-Americans in Korematsu v. United States.


    Out along US Highway 395.


    Fossil Falls, California (US Highway 395)


    The Outpost (closed), Darwin, California.


    Old water truck, Darwin, California.


    A Death Valley sunset.


    A high view down to a sand storm in Panamint Valley, California.


    Tourists from all over the world make the trek to Badwater Flats in Death Valley, California to walk on the lowest spot in the Americas.


    My camera never left the hotel room in Las Vegas.


    Hoover Dam on a wonderful day.


    "Winged Figure of the Republic" - by sculptor Oskar Hansen, Hoover Dam, Nevada.


    The great bridge at Hoover Dam.


    Great Hoover Dam on the Nevada-Arizona boarder.


    A very low level at Lake Mead.


    Out in the Nevada desert.


    We visited family in Richmond, Virginia . . . . where they controversially display statues to the leaders of the Confederate States of American along Monument Avenue.


    Beautiful old homes along Monumant Avenue in Richmond, Virginia.


    Stonewall Jackson monument, Richmond, Virignia, USA.


    At The National Acquarium in Baltimore, USA.


    A forest walk in the Poconos of northeast Pennsylvania, USA.


    A very cold morning in rural Pennsylvania, USA.


    MORE COMING SOON . . . . .

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