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    USA Road Trip: Driving the Oregon Coast to the California Redwoods

    The beautiful southern Oregon coast in early April.

    A rugged coast for several hundred miles.

    The old 1996 Chevy 4X4 camper truck working well.

    A classic lighthouse on a high bluff above the raging Pacific Ocean.

    Sea Lions abound along the southern Oregon coast.  We saw them at almost all our stops.

    The famous beauty of the Oregon coast in all its magnificence.

    The drive south on the Oregon coast is wonderful because at every turn there is a new sweeping panorama . . .

    A beautiful bay just south of Crescent City, California after sunrise.

    People out on their morning beach walk.

    I'm glad I had the V8!  Not exactly a tourist trap . . . but a pretty good dinosaur park roadside attraction.

    We made many stops along Highway 101 to ogle at the incredible scenery.

    Of course, my wife wanted to stop and look at every golf curse along the way.  This one, near Brookings, looked so Scottish!  A real links curse, yellow gorse and all!

    Arriving at the Crescent City bay.

    Crescent City bay and lighthouse.

    Crescent City lighthouse.

    A beachcombers' stick sculpture.

    I love these Pacific Northwest coastal scenes.

    On of my favorite photographic subjects: driftwood.

    Worn by sea, sun, and sand into fabulous textures and patterns . . .

    A visitor's cartouche . . .

    A damaged surface.  The orange scrape revealing the natural color behind the grey aged driftwood.

    Twisted driftwood.

    A revelation of the history of the forces and conditions this particular tree has experienced in the past represented in these patterns.

    Ice plant!  Stained all my clothes as a child.  Here, at Crescent City, in flower on a rainy morning.
    We stayed the night in a motel in Crescent City, California and went out for seafood on the pier . . . and discovered the sea lions at sunset.

    Sea lions are fascinating to watch.  Very entertaining sea mammals!

    The Crescent City harbor . . . a gull supervises a log-full of sea lions.

    Sea lions on a log in the sunset.

    It was early April . . . time to take down the Christmas decorations . . . but cute.

    Crossing the Smith River on the way to a redwood stand.

    One of many foreign tourists that visit the giant redwoods of California every year.

    A fantastically dramatic redwood snag left from some past burn.

    Ancient giant redwoods.

    We walked for hours on the park paths among the towering redwoods.

    The park service did a good job of keeping the paths easily accessible by cutting back fallen redwoods.

    An incredible space, line, color.

    Ancient plant spirits . . .

    Sturdy, solid, immense, strong, tall . . .

    Walking in the giant redwood forest is a spiritual experience.

    Wonderful shafts of clear, bright light illuminated the forest.

    A single lit redwood in the dense forest.

    A giant redwood healing an old wound.

    A beautiful path through a magical forest.

    Deeper into the redwood forest.

    The sturdy foot of a giant redwood.

    The existential redwood.

    Redwood bark.

    We could have stayed in these woods all day . . . but the call of a seafood dinner beckoned.

    Out through the small trees to the camper . .  and then, the next day, back to Keizer, Oregon on I-5.

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